what is pitch correction really? Read an explanation here.

What NOT to do: if you have a vocal track with too many (pitch) flaws, don't try to fix it, record it again!


Pitch correction

Recording music is a complex process, involving people, talent, concentration, equipment, technical expertise, team work etc etc. For a great recording everything has to be right at the right time. Every artist or engineer can have a bad day, be distracted, and make a mistake. Especially if you're working on a tight budget, you can't afford to stay in the studio forever. Quite often, you will find some flaw in your performance, after the work is done, and the mix (or master) is ready. May be not serious, but just annoying to you, at least. A note that's slightly off-key is the most common problem. Or, you may have a great live recording, if it weren't for a couple of bad notes! Unfortunately, it's too late to do anything about it, or is it? NO.

We have been there, and decided to do something about it. We have developed a pitch correction technique that can be applied on a finished mix or master, or live recording, without audible artefacts! This means you can now get rid of those annoying little (or even large) mistakes, without spending a small fortune to re-record, re-mix, re-master etc. This is a big money saver, and often a ''life-saver'' especially for indendent artists. For live recordings, that you cannot redo at all, it is the ideal solution.

Does it always work?

Practically yes; sure, we have encountered some cases where the mix was so dense, the parts musically so close, that the procedure did produce minor artefacts on other instruments. Even so, the corrected tracks sounded better than before, with the offending notes in tune, and the side-effects quite inconspicuous. But most of the time, it works very well, no one will hear or know that anything has been 'fixed'.

We cannot make a poor vocal sound great, but we can make a good vocal sound perfect!

Info about Pitch Correction Service

You want proof? Go to the SOUNDS page!

Warning: many audio engineers or experts will tell you vocal pitch correction on a finished mix is impossible;
well, now it is possible; we will convince you by proving it with your music, and at no risk to you!